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Working Outdoors

Have you ever sat in your workplace and stared out of the window, longing to be released from the shackles that tie you to your desk?

No matter how nice your workplace is, the same four walls can get a bit much at times and there are many benefits to spending a lot of your time outside, not least escaping the coughs and colds that spread like wildfire whenever they’re brought into an office environment.

Contrary to popular belief, working outside is not just a privilege reserved for those in the agricultural industry. Many other professions can add fresh air to their list of employee benefits, so if you’re looking for a change of scenery, here’s a few sectors you should consider:

Building & Construction
Especially in the early stages of large-scale projects, construction workers get to spend a large percentage of their time outside, often braving the elements. They’re easy to spot when sunbathing – they’re the one whose tans have developed around their high-viz vests.

Events Management
Although it’s primarily an office based role, in the right company you could be organising outside events. Entertaining clients is all part and parcel of the business world, so if you think you could handle regular corporate golf days or champagne lunches at a polo match then this is the job for you.

And speaking of champagne lunches, you can’t expect high-flying executives and vip guests to pour their own drinks or collect their own food could you? The demand for waiting staff will always be high in the summer months so look to join an agency who can provide you with regular work. It can also be a great opportunity to network with some potential employers.

Activity Co-ordinator
Snowboarding, horse riding, paintballing and countless other outdoor sports all require someone on hand to ensure everyone has a good time. What better way is there to earn your money than doing something you love and making sure other people are happy?

Traffic Wardens
Potentially the healthiest group of workers in the UK, traffic wardens spend their days walking the streets of our town and city centres on the hunt for breeches of motoring laws. Unfortunately the uniform is not exactly ideal for scorching hot summer days.

The key to success in many of these roles is the ability to manage yourself and your time effectively. You’re often going to be left to your own devices, so if you’re the type who likes to be micro-managed, maybe the step outside is not for you.

For those of you not wishing to make a major career change just to enjoy a bit of sunshine, technology may provide the answer. With laptops, mobile phones and wi-fi now a common office feature, your local park could provide the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the office, whilst still staying on track with your workload.